Yvonne’s Video Testimonies

Video Testimonies

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Yvonne's Video Testimony
  • Chapter 1

    • Testimony: “Life In France”

      “…pineapples and oranges and nectarines.”

      —Yvonne Ferstenfeld

  • Chapter 2

    • Testimony: “Mirka”

      “I don’t know if I trusted adults anymore.”

      —Yvonne Ferstenfeld

  • Chapter 3

    • Testimony: “The Convent”

      “You were supposed to give the big pieces of bread to the bigger girls…”

      —Yvonne Ferstenfeld

  • Chapter 4

    • Testimony: “Lice”

      “I’m very sorry, but that’s the way it is.”

      —Yvonne Ferstenfeld

    • Testimony: “Deportation”

      “Somehow I got the message that I should leave.”

      —Yvonne Ferstenfeld

    • Testimony: “Taking Comfort In Faith”

      “I was looking for a place where I could really stop worrying.”

      —Yvonne Ferstenfeld

  • Chapter 5

    • Testimony: “Finding Mother”

      “She was too weak to resist.”

      —Yvonne Ferstenfeld

    • Testimony: “Still Struggling”

      “…it’s all behind me, but it’s not.”

      —Yvonne Ferstenfeld

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