Meir’s Video Testimonies

Video Testimonies

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Meir's Video Testimony
  • Chapter 1

    • Testimony: “Family Life”

      “straight out of the oven, hot, with a cup of chocolate milk in the mornings.”

      —Meir Kransnostawski

  • Chapter 2

    • Testimony: “Nazis Arrive In Korets”

      “Jews were not human beings.”

      —Meir Kransnostawski

    • Testimony: “The Judenrat”

      “And then, five people were chosen”

      —Meir Kransnostawski

    • Testimony: “Meir’s Job”

      “At the beginning, I was their servant.”

      —Meir Kransnostawski

  • Chapter 3

    • Testimony: “Nothing Remained”

      “They didn’t let us even get dressed.”

      —Meir Kransnostawski

    • Testimony: “Meir’s Escape”

      “Before dawn, there was already shooting in the town.”

      —Meir Kransnostawski

  • Chapter 4

    • Testimony: “In The Forest”

      “We would steal potatoes from the fields”

      —Meir Kransnostawski

  • Chapter 5

    • Testimony: “Cyprus”

      “We gathered together to sing the songs of the Land of Israel.”

      —Meir Kransnostawski

    • Testimony: “Telling The Story”

      “I didn’t know how to cry.”

      —Meir Kransnostawski

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