Marek’s Video Testimonies

Video Testimonies

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Marek's Video Testimony
  • Chapter 1

    • Testimony: “Our Home”

      “Making a living was very difficult.”

      —Marek Herman

  • Chapter 2

    • Testimony: “Defiance”

      “Then 1942 began, which was a very hard year.”

      —Marek Herman

    • Testimony: “Meeting The Italians”

      “The Italians had a different type of soul.”

      —Marek Herman

    • Testimony: “Two Orphans”

      He said, “Run away, don’t remain here.”

      —Marek Herman

  • Chapter 3

    • Testimony: “Joining The Italians”

      “I felt like a miracle had just happened.”

      —Marek Herman

  • Chapter 4

    • Testimony: “Joining The Partisans”

      “My heart started to beat faster…”

      —Marek Herman

  • Chapter 5

    • Testimony: “Aliya”

      “I had no future in Poland.”

      —Marek Herman

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