Inge’s Video Testimonies

Video Testimonies

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Inge's Video Testimony
  • Chapter 1

    • Testimony: “Anti-Semitism”

      “We used to have to run for our lives to get home safely.”

      —Inge Goldschmidt

  • Chapter 2

    • Testimony: “Kristallnacht”

      “We saw a mob at a synagogue which was in flames.”

      —Inge Goldschmidt

    • Testimony: “Muengersdorf”

      “I took risks to survive.”

      —Inge Goldschmidt

  • Chapter 4

    • Testimony: “Deportation”

      “The smell was overwhelming.”

      —Inge Goldschmidt

  • Chapter 5

    • Testimony: “Reunion With Guenther”

      “They were sending him to a strange country, into a strange home.”

      —Inge Goldschmidt

    • Testimony: “My Revenge”

      “Hitler wanted to destroy us.”

      —Inge Goldschmidt

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