Aza’s Video Testimonies

Video Testimonies

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Aza's Video Testimony
  • Chapter 1

    • Testimony: “Life On The Kibbutz”

      “And in us, the children, they saw the future of everything.”

      —Aza Cohen

  • Chapter 2

    • Testimony: “A Special Guest”

      “Korczak is coming, Korczak is coming.”

      —Aza Cohen

  • Chapter 3

    • Testimony: “Coming Of Age”

      “They taught us how to hold a weapon.&#8221

      —Aza Cohen

    • Testimony: “Trying To Help”

      “We decided twice a week not to eat an egg.”

      —Aza Cohen

  • Chapter 4

    • Testimony: “Tehran Children”

      “Some of them were our age, and some were younger.”

      —Aza Cohen

  • Chapter 5

    • Testimony: “Kites For Korczak”

      “And I wanted to turn it into something happy…”

      —Aza Cohen

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