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How to Use Coming of Age

Coming of Age is an interactive curriculum focused on twelve stories of young people who survived the Holocaust and one person who grew up in the Mandate of Palestine during the same period. The following steps outline how a teacher or another adult may implement the curriculum with students.

Please note: in these instructions “teachers” refer to teachers or any other adult who is using this curriculum with a student. Also, “class” can refer to a school group, another learning group, or a family.

  1. Enroll as a teacher.
  2. Choose one story or several stories to use with your class. You may consider:
    • What your students already know about the Holocaust
    • The historical events you would like your class to study
    • The type of stories that are recommended for different types of classes
    • Whether your students will be able to follow testimonies with English subtitles

    Summaries of the stories can be found here.

  3. Decide where and how students will be doing these activities. Some classes explore the stories together and others have students work on different stories in small groups. Discussion questions and the other activities can be completed by students as a whole class, independently, in small groups, or as homework assignments.
  4. Check that the website works in your classroom. Some schools have firewalls that may block the website. You may need to ask your principal’s permission to lift the firewall on this website.The website works on the following browsers. You may need to update your browsers if you do not have one of the following:
    • Window XP Internet Explorer 7
    • Window 7 Internet Explorer 8
    • Window FireFox 3.6
    • Window FireFox 3
    • Mac FireFox 3.6
    • Mac FireFox 3
    • Mac Safari 5
    • Mac Safari 4

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