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Explore Holocaust history through powerful stories of young people who survived. Make a personal connection to history and discover its relevance to our world today.

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Coming of Age is a free, interactive classroom resource featuring primary sources, artifact explorations, discussions, and activities for learning about the Holocaust.

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I didn’t have any concern about the Holocaust before this project, and now it’s the exact opposite.


We didn’t know. I just knew that something horrible is going on here, and if I’m separated from her I’ll never see her again.

Elli, survivor

I plan on being a better person, because as you get older you are responsible to do the right thing.


I felt like a miracle had just happened. He took me inside, and suddenly I saw that I was not the only child there. There were also Russian children that they brought from the Russian front. They were also orphans.

Marek, survivor

This curriculum personalizes the Holocaust. It’s about six million INDIVIDUALS.


I wish I could go back in time, and do something about it to make sure it never happened.


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